About us

Capital management was founded in 1986 and now operates from three centres New York, London and Zurich.  Our niche is the Technical Analysis of Foreign Exchange. Our three senior analysts all have extensive market experience both as analysts and traders.

Don Haines


Don Haines has been trading equity markets,  Foreign Exchange and futures markets since 1978. Early in his career he was a valued addition to several major financial institutions, forecasting and developing technical trading programs while educating staff at several major financial seminars. Over the past 20 years, As a principal partner in Capital Techniques and Capital Management, he has specialized in combining several technical disciples with Elliot wave analysis to provide specific and accurate forecasts.

Ian F. Park


Ian is an experienced FX Trader. "You need a belief in a market's basic direction, then time the entry and exit points" he says.  "I've studied Economics I even have an MBA, but I can't live without Technical Analysis. It is a perfect testing ground for one's market beliefs and really helps in the timing of trades".

Ed Matts


Eddie brings a creative but well founded pproach to financial markets. He has a wealth of experience  in finance and politics., having studied economics at Oxford University and led an active politcal career.  But it is his creativity in the technical tools of Elliott waves, cycles and pattern recognition that enable him to turn this experence into  exciting and profitable trades!